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Top Reasons to pursue Medical program from Bangladesh
World-class MBBS Education in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has grown to be one of the most preferred locations to pursue a degree in MBBS for international students. Several valid reasons point to Bangladesh as a top country to pursue an MBBS degree at an affordable price. International students coming from all around the world applaud the facilities and services provided by the top medical universities in Bangladesh. Students from neighboring countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan as well as those from the Middle East apply for MBBS in Bangladeshi medical universities as they are respected for their superior quality of education. This quality is easily comparable to the standards offered in developed countries. All the top medical universities have also been recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and have been enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) giving them high credibility.

A partnership between the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) led to the development of the World Directory of Medical Schools and it was officially launched in 2014.

Why pursue your MBBS in Bangladesh?

Obtaining an MBBS degree in India can be very expensive and at the same time strenuous. This is the reason why Indian students have started exploring overseas options. One of their most preferred destination for this is undoubtedly Bangladesh as the universities there are now aligned with international standards. If you choose to pursue your MBBS in Bangladesh, you will have plenty of career opportunities to choose from and also the opportunity to practice medicine anywhere in the world. This is thanks to the global recognition of these degrees. The seats allotted in government medical colleges in India are extremely limited. This forces students to look for alternatives and satisfy for something less.
International students often collaborate with students already enrolled in medical universities in Bangladesh. This proves to be of great help to the incoming students. The campuses of these universities are equipped with the best in class infrastructure and all the modern technological equipment. This helps students learn better through experiences of practical experiments and hands-on training. All basic amenities are offered to the enrolled students.

MBBS Study Pattern in Bangladesh

This is how the division of the MBBS program in Bangladesh is done. The total duration for the degree is 5 years. Students get well acquainted with these subjects as they are taught in the top medical universities.

The course content of these subjects is of international standards as taught in many countries worldwide. Thus, international students, especially students from India, have no problem in aligning with the education system.

In this article, we gave an overview of how the MBBS education in Bangladesh looks like, its admission system, as well as education curriculum. We listed all the reasons why so many Indian students desire to enroll for the top medical colleges of Bangladesh along with a smooth admission process without second thoughts.
Thus Study MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Medical Aspirants best option to study MBBS Abroad.

Quality of MBBS in Bangladesh

The medical universities in Bangladesh is recognized by the Medical council Of India, Education Council for foreign Medical Graduates, Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research’s International Medical Education directory, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, Medical council of Canada and World Health Organization. It is helpful for the students to appear for the major tests lie the USMLE, PLAB and also the screening examination conducted by the National Board of Examination under the regulation of the Medical council of India, so that they can get the permission to practice medicine across the globe. Quality of education in Bangladesh is very good. Students are provided with high quality of accommodation facilities at much affordable rates.

Advantage of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

1. Language: The medium of Instruction is English. This makes it easy for students to understand better and quicker.
2 Food: Food and taste is similar to the food available to us in India. This makes it easier for students to adjust to the new place. Students can also make their own food to suit their taste.
3 Cost: The cost of living and cost of education in Bangladesh is low and is less when compared to many reputed medical institutes across the world. Total course fees could range between $US 33,000 – $US 44,000 (depending on the university).
4. The average cost of study MBBS in Bangladesh ranges between ₹24 Lakh to ₹30 Lakh*. International students and students from India have shown keen interest in their MBBS admission in Bangladesh. The low cost, efficient & effective medical education of Bangladesh makes it one of the most favoured destinations for India students.

MBBS in Bangladesh - Highlights

Last Date to Apply March, 2023
Basic Eligibility 10+2 (PCB) with 50%
IELTS & TOEFL Not Required
NEET Exam Yes, it is compulsory
Minimum Course Fee $ 6600 Per Year
Maximum Course Fee $ 10000 Per Year
Cost of Living in Bangladesh Rs.15-20 Thousands/Year
MBBS Course Duration (in Years) 5+1 with Internship
Recognition of Universities MCI & WHO
Medium of Education English language
Top Medical University Bangladesh Medical College

MBBS in Bangladesh: Fee Structure

S. No Name of College & Distance Affiliation with & Address Total Fees (for 5 years complete) First Installment of Admission Remaining /Installment Food cost
1 Rangpur Community Medical College Rangpur Rajshahi University of health science US $ 39,500 (With Hostel charge) During Admission US $ 14,000 Remaining 5 years installments 30 to 50 USD
2 ISLAMI BANK MEDICAL COLLEGE, Rajshahi University Of Rajshahi, US $ 40,000 (With Hostel charge) During Admission US $ 14,000 Remaining 5 years installments 30 to 50 USD
3 MAINAMOTI MEDICAL COLLEGE University of Chittagong, Comilla US $ 38000(With Hostel charge) US$ 11,000/- Remaining 5 years installments 30 to 50 USD
4 BRAHMANBARIA MEDICAL COLLEGE. BrahmanBaria University of US $ 33000 US$ 10,000/- Remaining 5 years installments, 30 to 50 USD
5 ANWAR KHAN MODERN MEDICAL COLLEGE Dhaka University of Dhaka, Dhanmondi, Dhaka US $ 43,500 [including Hostel] Time of admission 21000 $ Remaining 5 years installments 30 to 50 USD
6 ASHIYAN MEDICAL COLLEGE, Dhaka University Of Dhaka, Closed to Airport Ghulshan Diplomatic area US $ 37,000 (Including Hostel) USD 13000 Remaining 21,000 $ Per Equal 5 Years 30 to 50 USD
7 MEDICAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN’S (Uttara ), University of Dhaka, Uttara, Dhaka US $ 52,000 (only tuition fees) Admission 5000+ 17500+5500 $ Remaining 24,,000 $ 5 years installments Food & Hostel 4600 TK per Months
8 DIABETIC ASSOCIATION MEDICAL COLLEGE, Faridpur University of Dhaka, FARIDPUR US $ 40 ,000 (Including Hostel) Before admission 2000 $ + 12,000 Remaining 5 years installments 30 to 50 USD
9 Central Medical College University Chittagong, Comilla US $ 37,500 (only tuition fees) US$ 11,000/- Remaining 5 Years Installments US$ 700 per Year (for Hostel & food)
10 U S Bangla Medical College University of Dhaka US 32000 with Histel US$ 12,000/- Reamaning 5 Years Installments 30 to 50 USD
11 University Medical College Dhaka University of Dhaka US 38000 with hostel US$ 12,000/- Reamaning % years Installments 30 to 50 USD
12 North Bangal Medical College Rajshai University of helath science US 35000 with hostel US$ 15,000/- Reamaning % years Installments 30 to 50 USD
13 Parkview Medical College, Sylhet Shah jalal university US $ 33,000 (including Hostel charge) During Admission US $ 10,000 Reamaning % years Installments 30 to 50 USD
14 Dhaka National Medical College Dhaka City Dhaka University 50000$ 28000$ 300$ per month 100$ per Months